Employee Spotlight: Parshva Bavishi

1. Why I joined Headstrong

In early 2020, I was a semester away from finishing graduate school and still unsure of my next professional step. I wanted to continue my career in social impact after working for various nonprofits with vital causes globally. Personally, mental health treatment was not a priority in my community growing up so I loved the idea I could help remove barriers by building solutions to increase access to quality care. After meeting with Headstrong leadership, I knew I wanted to work alongside a team with unique and diverse professional experiences while scaling their mental health program model across the country. I joined the Headstrong team in April 2020 and am grateful for everyone here.

2. What’s my role

I currently serve as the Chief Impact Officer at Headstrong. Within the Impact vertical, I manage the following areas: business intelligence, information technology, and product design to help measure and expand our footprint nationwide. Our audience includes internal staff and clinicians to our corporate and philanthropic partners where impact carries varying connotations. My goal is to provide insight to demonstrate Headstrong’s impact from an organizational perspective that can help provide context to everything we do from clinical operations to community involvement.

3. What I like most about Headstrong

The opportunity to fail is what I enjoy most here. As a fast-moving organization, we routinely brainstorm, develop and execute solutions that sometimes need to be refined or brought back to the drawing board. With a focus on our 5-year strategy, our team has become highly collaborative and can quickly pivot when needed. Most importantly, everyone brings something to the table and I haven’t stopped learning yet.

4. What I like to do in my spare time

Free time is typically spread across the following: soccer, running, photography, long day-hikes, and frequently bookmarking unique travel destinations around the world while listening to podcasts. Shoutout to my cat Ivy who is also a handful.