Employee Spotlight: Matt Gryskewicz

Why I joined Headstrong: I joined Headstrong because my passion is to continue to selflessly serve the United States and its warriors. I have 11+ years of experience in human service work and am a veteran myself. My professional and military experience has driven me to support and advocate for our veterans; effective mental health care is essential for so many Americans and our nation’s military and veterans are not exempt from that need.

What’s my role: My role at Headstrong is the Director, Community Engagement – East. It will be my honor and privilege to collaborate with stakeholders in the eastern United States. My hopes and goals are to sustain, mature, and grow markets to reach more veterans in our communities. While each community is different from the next, it will be essential to carefully listen and understand their unique needs.

What I like most about Headstrong: When I first read about and spoke with Headstrong, I knew something was different, but couldn’t put my finger on it exactly. After a few days I realized Headstrong is a small family with a big impact. Staffing is minimal so more money is provided for the veteran and their spouse; yet with minimal staff, we work closely and collaboratively. In many organizations, you do your work in your own corner. Here at Headstrong, we’re all in it for the Headstrong mission.

What I like to do in my spare time: My spare time is minimal with two kids, one of which is an infant. Family really is my enjoyment. Whenever we have the opportunity to create a memory, those are our favorite times together. Our best memories involve traveling, sightseeing, and family activities. When I do have time for leisure, I enjoy working with my hands, fishing, and fly fishing.