Triumph Over


Together We Are Headstrong

 Learning to cope with and manage mental trauma takes treatment, trust and above all, a willingness to try, every day. Our stories are a celebration of these daily triumphs.


Meet Noah Galloway. Inspired by the actions of his fellow soldiers, Noah redeployed for a second time to Iraq in an area known as the triangle of death. That deployment proved to be life changing for him and his unit after he hit a trip wire and lost his arm and leg. Find out how he overcame his depression and found his purpose again, while inspiring other veterans to triumph over trauma.


Meet Pasha Palanker. He served 17 years in the U.S. Army before he was forced to medically retire. While deployed in Iraq there were three incidents that significantly changed the course of his life and career. Pasha’s life was forever altered after going face-to-face with a suicide bomber and then stepping directly on an IED that detonated underneath him. After returning home, these incidents manifested and took a toll on his mental health and lifestyle.


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