Monthly Employee Spotlight: Stephanie Henderson

Get familiar with one of Headstrong’s newest team members. Stephanie is our Grant Writer and Project Research Manager, and one of the newest members on our growing team. Learn more about her journey below!

Why I joined Headstrong: Having recently received my LMSW, I was determined to work for a non-profit that aligned with my values. I also wanted to work with an organization that was putting mental health first. Headstrong presented the perfect opportunity for me to join a team doing the real work of impacting the lives of those in need on a daily basis.

What’s my role: I serve as the Grant and Prospect Research Manager.

What I like most about Headstrong: Even though I’ve joined during Covid and all remains remote, my Headstrong team members have made me feel so welcomed. As I have worked with and gotten to know everyone, the passion we all have for the mission of this organization is so real. I am truly humbled to be able to work alongside coworkers making tremendous impact everyday.

What I like to do in my spare time: In my spare time I enjoy practicing yoga and meditation, a way to reconnect with myself amongst the chaos. I also love to FaceTime my nephews in Texas, who are the funniest people I know.