The Headstrong Project and Blue Angels Foundation Team Up to Raise $25,000 to Support Mental Health Treatment Programs

TOP GUN: Maverick screening brings much needed funding to Colorado Springs

NEW YORK (September 7, 2022) – The Headstrong Project Inc. (“Headstrong”), a national-facing mental health practice of choice providing military connected individuals and their family members with barrier-free mental health treatment, announced a successful collaboration with the Blue Angels Foundation (BAF) earlier this year. Scott Kartvedt, Board Member at BAF an active stunt pilot, partnered with Headstrong to raise money and awareness for ending veteran suicide. Kartvedt was one of the stunt pilots in the newly released TOP GUN: Maverick movie.

BAF and Headstrong recently hosted a movie premiere of TOP GUN: Maverick in Colorado Springs, CO. This collaboration generated $25,000 for Headstrong to use for services in the Colorado Springs area, extending their ability to provide innovative mental health care to U.S. military-connected members and their families.

At the event, Kartvedt shared stories of his time on set, working with the cast and crew, and about his personal mission to end veteran suicide by sharing his person experiences with the loss of fellow service members to suicide. “During my 22 years of active service I experienced the tragic loss of life of fellow service members due to suicide. The ripple effect of such loss is devastating for family members, friends, fellow service members and the community who cared about the suicide victim and forever impacts the lives of those left behind.” Kartvedt also shared that 22 veterans die every day from suicide in our country. The $25,000 donation to Headstrong will allow 156 veterans to start a Headstrong treatment program.

Since its founding in 2012, Headstrong has provided mission-critical mental health care to address the alarming veteran suicide epidemic and the ever-widening gap in accessing equitable mental health care in America.

Jaime McMullen Garcia, Chief Development Officer at Headstrong, shared, “This gift allows for more veterans and their families to have access to trauma treatment in the Colorado Springs area, which has a high concentration of both active-duty families in its 4 bases as well as a large population of retired veterans. We are grateful for the partnership with the Blue Angels Foundation.”

About the Blue Angels Foundation
The Blue Angels Foundation (BAF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation with the mission of supporting the nation’s wounded veterans. Led by former members of the United States Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron, the BAF strives to have a positive impact on resolving post-traumatic stress (PTS) among wounded veterans – saving lives and promoting positive transitions for wounded veterans and their families. The wounded veterans who selflessly volunteered to serve the nation are the same individuals who need the support and resources necessary to provide a path of transition and a life of dignity and fulfillment. Each year, the BAF identifies and sponsors organizations that assist wounded warriors with the four-part continuum of care: transition housing, education, networking for employment and resolving PTS. Completing this continuum of care allows the wounded warrior to rebuild their self-esteem and self-confidence and develop a purpose-driven life in the civilian community. To learn more, visit

About The Headstrong Project
The Headstrong Project is a leading, national-facing mental health network for our nation’s military-connected members and families connected to their care that delivers cost-free, bureaucracy-free and stigma-free evidence-based treatment with industry-leading outcomes. Our practice is founded on three leading principles: Unequaled access to best-in-class clinicians who deliver transformative care through individualized treatment with integrity. Our professional staff, accomplished clinicians and generous donors unite in a singular purpose – to deliver the courage, tools and ability to recover and grow following trauma.

Currently operating in 13 states and within the District of Columbia, Headstrong’s trauma-informed clinical partners provide individualized, evidence-based care to more than 2,700 military-connected members and their families since inception and approximately 1,400 active clients monthly. To learn more, visit