Ways to Fundraise

Start a Facebook

  • In less than ninety seconds, you can start a Facebook fundraiser to end veteran suicide.
  • Whether you have an upcoming birthday or you just want to get involved, Facebook fundraisers are an easy way to help heal the hidden wounds of war.
  • 100% of donations made via Facebook benefit Headstrong.
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Support Coffee for a Cause

  • Barrie House is a family owned, third generation coffee roaster established in 1934. Located outside of New York City, Barrie House carefully selects, blends, and roasts the world’s finest coffee.
  • Our Heroes Reserve TM Coffee pays tribute to our veterans by supporting their mental health. 100% of the profits from the sale of Heroes Reserve Coffee will be donated by Barrie House to the Headstrong project.
  • Available in three perfectly roasted blends: Honor (light roast), Loyalty (medium roast) and Courage (dark roast).
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